"Japanese Dwarf Trees" from Brooklyn Daily Eagle

      "Scholarship and Modern Problems" (1899).  About two noteworthy commencement addresses the day before, one being by President Charles Kendall Adams before the graduating class of the University of Wisconsin. The article includes the following:

       "He declared that we must admit that it was the apparent law among nations as among animal life that the most worthy and strongest should grow and expand while the less worthy shall diminish and finally perish.  He might have elaborated this point by saying that the growth can be prevented only by mutilation.  The Japanese make dwarf trees by nipping off the roots and keeping down the supply of nourishment.  These trees when 300 years old are not so large as a sapling that has been allowed to expand naturally for a year.  They are picturesque adornments of my lady's boudoir, but of no value in the serious work of the world..."  1


1     Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 19, 1899, pg. 6.  The reference to the Japanese was apparently added by the non-bylined writer of the article.

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