"Dwarf Trees" from The Strand Magazine

       "Curious Clipped Trees" by Herbert Matthews (c.1898) ends with this line: 

       And those persons who cavil at verdant sculpture, such as Messrs. Gilbert and Onslow Ford never dreamt of, should always remember that it is a form of landscape gardening which delighted our ancestors, much as the century-old dwarf trees in flower-pots delight the Japanese at the present day. 1


1   Matthews, Herbert  "Curious Clipped Trees," in Strand magazine (London), c. 1898.  Vol. 15, pp. 80-85.  The first photo illustrated article about topiaries.  Per The 1911 Encyclopedia, Edward Onslow Ford (1852-1901) was an English sculptor who had studied under the important sculptor, Alfred Gilbert (1854-1934).  See also http://www.speel.demon.co.uk/artists2/eoford.htm, accessed 07/12/04. 

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