"Dwarf Trees" from the Technical World Magazine

       "Dwarf Trees of Japan" (1913):

       THE dwarf trees of Japan are one of the many factors which serve to make the island's gardens objects of wonder to the white races.
       It is commonly believed that this dwarfing process is a secret and that rarely, if ever, do the cunning and close-mouthed Japs give it out to Europeans.  As a matter of fact, however, the tap roots are given no room to expand.  This is the real secret of the dwarf trees, it is said.
       The accompanying illustration shows a notable and typical collection of these stunted trees.  Some of these shrubs are reputed to be as much as two centuries old and are a curiosity to tourists.


1     "Dwarf Trees of Japan," Technical World Magazine (Chicago, IL: Armour Institute of Technology), Volume XIX, No. 5, July 1913, pg. 709.

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