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"Integral Ecopsychological Investigation of Bonsai Principles, Meaning and Healing" by Caroll Hermann (Final Version June 2015)
© 2015, University of Zululand, South Africa.
This was written as a Doctor of Philosophy thesis by a clinical psychologist, editor of the Bonsai in South Africa online magazine,
and newly elected president of the South African Bonsai Association (SABA).  (carollh at telkomsa dot net)
See also this follow-up recent article by Dr. Hermann to the Psychological Society of South Africa on October 26, 2016, Eco-psychology: Using bonsai to heal and find meaning.

"How Trees Adapt & Respond: The Growth Cycle Vie Hormones, A Review of the online literature" by Mac Caruthers
This was originally written for the Ft. Walton Beach Bonsai Society club library to help new members
learn training techniques faster and to become more comfortable in making decisions on their own.  (CaruthAF at aol dot com)

"A Brief Exploration of the Literati Style" by Will Heath
This was published in the Art of Bonsai Project on Mar 19, 2007, and also printed in the Winter 2008 issue of the American Bonsai Society Journal.  (will at artofbonsai dot org)

"The Myth of the Single Front" by Will Heath
This was originally published in the Art of Bonsai Project on Apr 17, 2006, and also published in the Unione Bonsaisti Italiani.  (will at artofbonsai dot org)

"Babylon: The Origin of Bonsai?" by Will Heath
This was originally published in the Art of Bonsai Project on Jun 26, 2006.  (will at artofbonsai dot org)

We are preserving here links to an archive for various North American Bonsai Federation and World Bonsai Friendship Federation files:
About NABF
Newsletter #1, December 2002, A Tribute to John Naka
Newsletter #2, March 2003, Focus on the Southeast Region
Newsletter #3, July 2003, Bonsai Pioneers of the Northeast Region
Newsletter #4, October 2003, Focus on the North Central Region
Newsletter #5, December 2003, Bonsai in the Northwest Region
Newsletter #6, March 2004, Bonsai in the Great White North
Newsletter #7, June 2004, Carribean Bonsai
Newsletter #8, September 2004, Bonsai in the South Western Region
Newsletter #9, December 2004, Special Issue on 5th World Bonsai Convention
Newsletter #10, March 2005, Bonsai in the South Central Region
The Shimpaku Juniper: Its Secret History
*  *  *  *  The Shimpaku Juniper: Its Secret History (as single page .pdf)  *  *  *  * 
*  *  *  *  Der Shimpaku-Wacholder: Seine geheimnisvolle Geschichte   *  *  *  * 
WBFF Articles

A Few Other Archived Links to Early Internet References:
rec.arts.bonsai FAQ, Feb. 18, 1994
Bonsai FAQ, July 22, 1996
Internet Bonsai Club, Nov. 3, 1996
rec.arts.bonsai, some 3030 topics since at least Nov. 30, 2003

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