Dwarf Potted Trees in Paintings, Scrolls
and Woodblock Prints

Here we have the titles, authors, and dates of as many of these depictions as possible,
with descriptions, short author bios, and reference book locations.

A collection of small but representative images displays the development of the art. 

If you are aware of any other graphic portrayals of dwarf potted trees during these time periods, 
please e-mail  rjb@magiminiland.org with as many details as possible.



to  960 C.E.

960 to 1644  (Song and Ming Dynasties)

1644 to 1911  (Qing Dynasty)

Some of The Portrayals

Incomplete Identifications


to 1600

1600 to 1800  (Tokugawa Period, Part I)

1800 to 1868  (Tokugawa Period, Part II)

1869 to 1912  (Meiji Era)

Some of the Portrayals

Kunisada's Portrayals

Incomplete Identifications

Bonsai-Like Ikebana Portrayals



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