Mohave Medicine Addendum

An Introduction & Prelude: Medicine in Mohave County and Kingman (to 1921)
The Beale Street Location: 1922 to 1969
The Stockton Hill Location, Part I: 1970 to 1982
The Stockton Hill Location, Part II: 1983 to present

KRMC History Display Case, Main Lobby

KRMC History Display Case, Main Lobby

KRMC History Display Case, Main Lobby.  The contents were requested after this web history just happened to have already been begun to be compiled.
(Photos taken by RJB late June 2005)

The following is an adjunct to the above "History of Medicine in Mohave County and Kingman" web pages,
written by RJB, the primary author of that piece.

It is known that there are several areas of medicine which are not touched upon in this history.
This is not meant as a slight, only that the author was not able to include them during his period as semi-official researcher/compiler of the story (Aug. 23, 2002 - June 14, 2005).  (Obviously, the new 70-bed acute care hospital in town, Hualapai Mountain Medical Center, which opened in October 2009, is not listed.  And now that establishment is becoming part of KRMC.  And then there is the passing of longtime Kingman resident and KRMC board chairman, Harold Irvin "HI" Johnson.)

Recognized areas of deficiency include late nineteenth and early twentieth century exploration and discovery of the endocrine system and hormones, the teasing out of the types and functions of vitamins, the teaching hospital innovations of Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the accomplishments of the Mayo brothers.  Also, lowering highway speed limits, more automotive safety features and engineering, and decrease in the legally acceptable blood alcohol levels; consumer use of multi-vitamins and supplements; increase of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and generics; and the Underwriter Laboratories' work and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Passing mention must also be given to Dana Veracity's CIA Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1833-1965).  (We are not aware of any involvement KRMC had with these.  This article, however, describes a little-talked-about part of this country's diverse medical history.)

The author has also discovered in his notes that a little additional specific Mohave County history can be told.  He hopes to be able to add that material here in the near future.

In the meantime, please enjoy the results of this labor-of-love project.  By January 2009, the KRMC website had been updated and, at least temporarily, this history was no longer a part of it.

By May, 2009, the history was back on, broken up into twenty-year time periods but missing from mid-2003 up to our last entry in April 2005.  Also, most of the contemporary developments in general medicine have been removed, and this history was not specifically listed on the KRMC Sitemap.  However, on the plus side, the multiple font sizes visible in at least certain browser windows due to a change in editing software versions in use during the compiling of this history had been standardized.

Then, towards the end of 2010 we discovered that the history was no longer anywhere on the KRMC site.  For educational purposes, we are therefore providing these links to archived copies of the history, via the Wayback Machine.  (If anyone is interested, I do still have a full electronic back-up of the original web pages for this history...)

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