"Dwarf Trees" from the Atlantic Monthly

       "Characteristics of the International Fair, V." (1876):

       The Japanese bazar is another feature of the Exhibition which developed late.  By degrees the delicate little structure of lattice and bamboo wove itself into completion, and the grounds about it spread into an absurd imitation of landscape gardening on a tiny scale: there were hills, cliffs, ravines, and table-land, laid out in winding walks, planted with the famous dwarf trees, hoary little abortions [sic] not three feet high, gnarled and twisted like any monarch of the forest, a pleasaunce for a palace of puppets; here and there a stone seat of the peculiar shape seen on fans and screens, suited to the size of ordinary mortals, threw all this doll - work into its true proportion, while a single American oak over-canopied the whole park.


1      "Characteristics of the International Fair, V." (Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 38, Issue 230, December 1876), pg. 733.

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