"Dwarfed Trees in the Market" from Harper's New Monthly Magazine

       "Autumn in Japan" by Alfred Parsons (1895) includes these lines:

       ...During the afternoon I walked round the town, first to the Buddhist temple, the great hall of which was crowded with people sleeping, eating, and praying, and then up the long avenue leading to the Shinto temple of Hachiman.  It was lined with stalls and booths for refreshments of all kinds, with conjurers, purse-trick men, lucky wheels, quack-medicine venders, and so on, and near the big granite torri and lanterns were the market-gardeners with dwarf pines, oranges laden with fruit, camellias, and other trees.  One had nothing but orchid-plants, none of them, unfortunately, in flower. 1


1     Parsons, Alfred  "Autumn in Japan," in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 91, Issue 539, April 1895, pg. 773.

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