"Japanese Dwarf Trees" from Brooklyn Daily Eagle

      "Fine Park Display" (1900), the half-story first paragraph of a three paragraph article is thus:

       "An exhibition of semi tropical and blossoming plants was opened to-day at the Prospect Park greenhouses, near the Ninth avenue wall at Seventh street.  The exhibition is held in the old palm house and in the new one, which has recently been built just south of the former palm house.  The exhibition hall, as the old palm house is now termed, presents a beautiful picture to the eye and the conglomeration of pleasant odors makes one wish to spend much time there.  The outside of the pathway leading around the building is banked with rich displays of azaleas and cineraria-hybrida.  On entering the door one is confronted by an orange tree in full bloom and having on its branches both green and ripe fruit, while the middle of the building is occupied by a choice display of acacia, a yellow blossoming flower; bay trees, both standard and pyramidical in shape; genestias, a phenix [sic] or date palm, English wallflowers, a rarity, and Japanese dwarf trees, which, although they are over fifty years of age, stand less than a foot in height.  Beside these there are hyacinths and carnations of deep and handsome shades.  At both the east and west ends of the building are large banks of Chinese primroses." 1


1     Brooklyn Daily Eagle, February 17, 1900, pg. 9.  In 1910 the Brooklyn Botanic Garden would be opened in the north end of the park, having been planned on 39 acres there in 1897.

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