"To Boldly Grow: Some Celluloid Bonsai (Part IIIc)"
Incomplete Sightings Through 1999

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Incomplete Sightings

     Anyone who knows of additional TV, film, or theatrical uses of bonsai -- or corrections to any portrayal in these four parts -- is asked to please contact rjb@magiminiland.org .  Contributor acknowledgment will be posted.  Please include as many details as possible.  We will be confirming and filling in some blanks by way of the various film and TV sites on the web (first choice being the The Internet Movie Database).  Thank you!

     Also, details are needed for other reported sightings currently being followed up on, including these TV episodes: 

-- "Space 1999," a bonsai is traded for some space article by one of the Commander Control Crew [per Khaimraj Seepersad, Caribbean / W. I., in posting to rec.arts.bonsai on July 20, 1999]   Air date and episode name, other plot details?

-- "Dynasty," an episode in which the character Krystal is shown trimming a bonsai.  [per Uriah Heep in personal e-mail to RJB on September 1, 2000]   Air date and episode name, other plot details?

-- "I'll Fly Away," "The show involved a Southern lawyer, his three children, and his girlfriend.  In one episode he took his younger two children to a holiday party at the home of his girlfriend.  In the girlfriend's entry was a stand with a citrus bonsai.  The man's young son plucked a tiny fruit from the tree and the girlfriend told him how many years it had taken the tree to bear that fruit.  The party was all downhill from there and the man and his children ended up leaving."  [per Sara Matheis in personal e-mail to RJB April 25, 1996]  Air date and episode name, other plot details?  The episode guide does not have any obvious clues.   (Originally the series was on NBC Oct. 7, 1991 through Feb. 5, 1993)  

-- "Star Trek: The Next Generation," an episode at whose very last scene the actor was sitting in front of her bonsai.  Though the tree only had 2 branches, she cut the lower one off and said something like "that's better."  [per Parris Janusek in personal e-mail to RJB on November 26, 2001]  Air date and episode name, other plot details?  

-- "La Femme Nikita," Madeline in Operations with vandaceous orchids and bonsai in diffuse glass-backed wall niches.  She is often seen pruning/relaxing prior to her practicing cold calculating metal [sic] torture on her victims (and she is one of good ones).  [per Luis Fontanills, Miami, Florida, in posting to rec.arts.bonsai on August 9, 1999]  Madeline has several bonsai on glass shelves on one of the walls of her office.  [per Bronwyn Woodward, Essendon, Victoria, Australia in personal e-mail to RJB on February 22, 2003]  Are there specific episodes [names?] in which this occurred, or else what is the range of air dates for these?  Per CHRIS HEYN'S 'NOVEMBER 2003' LFN BOOK UPDATE which contains a sneak peek into The Ultimate La Femme Nikita Glossary, "MADELINE’S OFFICE – Section location for former Executive Strategist. Originally a two-story stone structure which featured a large desk, seating area, and numerous mannequins and racks of clothing for mission purposes. Madeline was then moved to a smaller office which featured a desk and chairs, a mission prep area, and a lighted wall for Bonsai trees, and later, a stand for orchids. This remained her office until her death during the Center purge."  

-- "King of the Hill," in a July 18, 1999 episode (rerun?), the "Hill's were house watching for their friend Boomhower & Bobby had to water the bonsai.   ...the tree looked to be a juniper on the coffee table.  It was watered from what appeared to be a sake pitcher, one little cup full.    I didn't see any water running out onto the table.  It looked better in cartoon than some of the trees that appear on Star Trek[: The Next Generation]."  [per Bill Neff in personal e-mail to RJB on July 20, 1999] What is the original air date and episode name/number?

-- Per Fabrice Ecirbaf in personal e-mails to RJB through January 25, 2005, "Hello, my Engleish is very poor so excuse me for this text!  I found Bonsaï in this French Films: En Toute Innocence, Une Affaire de Gout, Le Pari, Jet Set, Tout doit Disparaître.  Stranger [non-French] Films: The fist of Legend, La Fureur de Vaincre, Blade Runner [see 1982], Karté Kid (3) [see 1989], Kill Bill [see 2003], Il était une fois en Chine, Tigre Et Dragon [see 2000], Die Hard I [see 1988 above], La Famille Tennenbaum [see 2001], L'empire des Sens, Drunken Master, L'odeur de la Papaille Verte."  "Sorry I can't give you any detail.  I just can tell you that bonsai appear in all of these films."  RJB will add more details where possible.

-- "There were also a few in the plastic surgeon's office in a recent South Park episode"  [Per jo_schmoo from Eagle, WI in posting to bonsaitalk.com on Apr. 2, 2005]  Air date and episode name, other plot details?  

-- "...in one of the episodes of HBO's "Six Feet Under" daughter Claire is given a Juniper-bonsai by her aunt Sarah."  [Per wouterotten from Herentals, near Antwerp, Belgium in posting to bonsaitalk.com on Aug. 6, 2005]  Air date and episode name, other plot details?  

-- "There was this episode of "Kung Fu - the legend continues" starring David Carradine where at the end of the episode, as a sign of gratitude Kwai Chang-Cane was given a bonsai plant and another thing (I can't remember).  Well, anyway he didn't give any love to the bonsai since he just basically threw it on top of the table as if saying this is not my culture (Japanese) and not to my liking."  [Per saurak in posting to bonsaitalk.com on Aug. 11, 2005]  Air date and episode name, other plot details?  

-- RJB has come upon a number of HGTV programs with bonsai -- but no airdates.  In response to a Sept. 2005 e-mail seeking those airdates, the following reply was received: "Good morning and thank you for your e-mail.  Unfortunately, initial air dates are not available for the programs you provided.  We may provided future re-air dates, but do not have the resources to provide first airings, as most are over 5 years old.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for watching."
   This list is as follows:

"Gardening by the Yard" episode (GBY-202) “Potatoes, Bonsai, Prevent Disease” 
“Bonsai Basics” segment includes Michael Raska’s Oklahoma bonsai nursery.

"Inside Dirt" episode (ISD-115) “Growing Bonsai” segment with Harold Sasaki. and
“Bonsai Artists” segment visiting Brooklyn Botanical Garden bonsai curator Robert Mahler and Long Island’s Vincent Russo, a second-generation bonsai artist.
"Inside Dirt" episode (ISD-124) "Caudiciform Bonsai"
These succulents make perfect bonsai plant, according to horticulturist Dee Lovisone.

"Grow It!" episode (GRW-301) "The Art of Bonsai"
This segment is with guest Johnny Uchida, owner of Grove Way Bonsai Nursery of Hayward, CA.

"Smart Solutions" episode (SSL-425)
"Instant Bonsai Tree"
Jane Troiano uses methods of bonsai without the painstaking demands.

"Gardening by the Yard" episode (GBY-405) "Q&A: Bonsai"
This brief segment answers How do I move a bonsai indoors?  

"Way to Grow" episode (WTG-244)
"Grooming Bonsai"
Garden designer Jamie McMurray shows how to groom bonsai.

"Inside Dirt" episode (ISD-106) "Radical Makeovers"
Dramatic first aid will turn spindly plants into beautiful specimens.

"Decorating With Style" episode (DWS-572) “Gifts for Gardeners” segment reviews The Spirit of Bonsai Design book, and
“Spring Fountains" segment includes how to make an indoor “Zen Garden Fountain

"Grow It!" episode (GRW-411) "Spotlight Garden"
A two-acre property in Santa Barbara, California has been transformed into a lush subtropical Japanese-style garden.

"Inside Dirt" episode (ISD-120) "Tray Landscapes"
Segment is with guest Daniel Avrin.

"Modern Masters" episode (MAS-605) "Furniture Maker"
It was a love of bonsai trees that led furniture maker Randolph DeMercado to his current profession.

"World Garden Tour" episode (WGT-209) "
Chinese Gardens of Singapore"
This segment includes a garden which presents a seven-story pagoda, as well as an extensive collection of bonsai from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

"Gardener's Diary" episode (GRD-1101) "Favorites in a Japanese Garden"
Jack Jarvis, a North Carolina farmer turned full-time landscaper, set his own garden in a former cornfield, where he carved out a waterfall and made five ponds which hold koi, lotus, iris and water lilies. In the center of the garden is a large bonsai collection, which contains a specimen believed to be 500 years old..

"Decorating With Style" episode (DWS-661) "Dish Gardens"
Lark Foster demonstrates how to make miniature interior landscapes for focal points on a tabletop--also known as dish gardens.

"Decorating With Style" episode (DWS-961) "Elements from Nature"
Segment includes how to combine the elements of nature in one centerpiece: place a bonsai tree in a ceramic container inside a metal tray filled with water and a lit floating candle.

"Fantasy Open House" episode (FAN-112) "Jumble House/Zen Retreat" segment
A $5 million Asian fantasy: The pagoda-style archway transports you to another land and time. The Zen garden just inside the gate is sheltered by 30-foot bamboo shoots. The entire front door is made of glass with a bonsai tree etched into it.

"Grow It!" episode (GRW-501) "Spotlight Garden"
Seattle designer Terry Welch's natural garden showcases several varieties of rhododendrons from around the world

"Interiors by Design" episode (IBD-804) "Empty-Nester Zen"
Segment includes a final nod to a more serene lifestyle is the tiny bonsai garden on the terrace outside.

"Inside Dirt" episode (ISD-104) "Growing Fruit Indoors"
Bright light, good varieties, and adequate care yield success, some of the available dwarf fruiting trees can be used as bonsai.

"Sensible Chic" episode (SEC-312) "Portuguese Guest Room"
Designer Robert Noble explains both his high-end Portuguese-style guest room and the makeover version of that room.
Accessorized the second side table with the matching lamp from the other table and a bonsai tree perched on two books.

"Seasoned Gardener" episode (SGN-405) "Plants for a Japanese Garden"
Includes a Japanese black pine. The focal point of this garden, it is positioned to reach out over the pond for a natural effect. It is pruned to look like a bonsai and thinned a couple of times a year to maintain its form.  Master gardener Chris Dawson is creating a tranquil Japanese garden in Zone 9..
"Way to Grow" episode (WTG-209) "Miniature Knot Garden"
Basically, a miniature knot garden is one in a container that can fit in small spaces.

And there is one episode of DoItYourself network which lacks a date: "Bonsai; Tie Dyeing; Elvis Memorabilia" episode of What’s Your Hobby (DWH-110).  Gardener Bob Pressler shares a few bonsai tips and techniques.
http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/ic_other/article/0,2029,DIY_13965_2270950,00.html.  In a Dec. 5 reply to a Nov. 23, 2005 e-mail from RJB to DIY about the dates for a half dozen episodes, we received all the dates but for this episode. 

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