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Subject Code:   penjing , viewing stones , bonkei , saikei , indoor , bonsai , hon non bo

                           Awakening the Soul ; Washington, D.C.: U.S. National Arboretum ; 2000.  100 pp.  Special letter from Dr. Tom Elias, Director of the Arboretum.  Foreword by Felix Laughlin.   Introduction by Larry Ragle.  Photographs by Joe Mullan.   Design by Jim Hayes and Lia Marta.  Limited hard-bound (with slip-case) and soft-bound versions.  The National Viewing Stone Collection of the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum.  USDA

                           The Best of Bonsai in Europe 3 ; Bonsai Europe magazine; 2001.  ISBN-10: 9080403431 ; ISBN-13: 9789080403437128.  128 pp.  Over 150 photos.  USDA

                           The Best of Bonsai in Europe 4 ; Bonsai Europe magazine; 2003.  ISBN 90-804034-4-X.  128 pp.  251 color photos.  USDA

                           The Best of Bonsai in Europe 5 ; Bonsai Europe magazine; 2005.  ISBN-10: 9080403458 ; ISBN-13: 978-9080403451.  208 pp.  Over 225 color photos.  USDA

                           The Best of Bonsai in Europe 6 ; Kesteren, Netherlands : Bonsai Europe magazine; 2007.  ISBN-10: 9080403415 ; ISBN-13: 978-9080403413.  USDA

RU                     Bonsai for the novices ; Grandee Fair; 2006.  ISBN: 5-8183-0697-6.  128 pp.

                           Essential Bonsai ; Kudos Books; 2003.  ISBN-10: 1845102835 ; ISBN-13: 978-1845102838.  128 pp.

ZH                      Fuqing Penjing (Fujian Penjing) ; Fujian Province Fuqing Flowers and Plants Penjing Association; 2003.  88 pp.  Illustrations.

JA                      Illustrated Book of Small Bonsai Pots ; 2006.  146 pp.  About 650 colour photographs.  This book is a directory of potters who have specialised in small bonsai pots.  All pages show countless pots of still working artists.  There are many impressive pots by Tosui, Ono Gishin, Heian Tofukuji, Kanzan, Takemoto and Inoue Ryosai.

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                           Proceedings of the International Scholarly Symposium on Bonsai and Viewing Stones  May 2002; Washington, D.C.: U.S. National Arboretum ; 2005.  USDA

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LT       Armonas, D.,  Bonsu auginimo abecele (ABC of bonsai growing) ; Vilnius: Lietuvos jaunuju gamtininku centras; 2005.  22 pp.  Short methodology.    New 09/23/17

            Bader, Jann   The African Bonsai Collection: An Illustrated Guide ; Spearhead; 2001.  ISBN-10 0864865198 ; ISBN-13: 9780864865199.  112 pp.  Meant to be a humorous book about wire-frame Ming trees, actually.

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     Barbier, Alain and Erika Laïs   Bonsai ; Gondrom Verlag; 2005.  ISBN 3-8112-2606-1.  120 pp.

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            Benz, Willi   Bonsai Kusamano Suiseki: a practical guide for organizing displays with plants and stones ; 2002  ISBN-10: 3000093222 ; ISBN-13: 978-3000093227.  204 pp.  235 color photos, 95 illustrations.  USDA

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            Botticelli, Anna Maria   Bonsai ; White Star Publishers; 2014.  ISBN 8854408433 ; ISBN-13: 978-8854408432   208 pp.  Photographs by Fabio Petroni.  Preface by Luigi and Susanna Crespi.  In collaboration with Crespi Bonsai Museum.

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           Buller, Lew   Saikei and Art: Miniature Landscapes ; San Diego, CA: Saikei and Art ; 2005.  ISBN 0-9772443-0-X.  178 pp.  Five charcoal drawings, two b&w and 252 color photographs.  All photographs by Lew Buller except Three Sisters, by Grace Altus, the photo of the author by Martha Altus-Buller, and the photo of the author in a Naked Coral tree taken by Steve Valentine.  Includes a letter from Toshio Kawamoto, founder of the School of Saikei.  Ad price $39.95.

KO     Bum-young, Sung   Spirited Garden ; 2003.

           Bum-young, Sung   Spirited Garden ; 2003?  Translation of the above.

ZH      Bum-young, Sung   Spirited Garden 2006.  Translation of the above.

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           Busch, Werner M.  ; Bonsai: Grow Your Own Bonsai from Cuttings, Seeds, and Saplings ; The Lyons Press; 2002.  ISBN 1585744417.  144 pp.  Translation of the above?

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           Chan, Peter   Bonsai Secrets, Designing, growing and caring for your miniature masterpieces ; Pleasantville, NY: The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.; 2006.  ISBN-10: 0762106247 ; ISBN-13: 978-0762106240.  176 pp.  Illustrations.  Original cover price: $19.95.  A very complete introductory book, possibly the best one yet.

NL      Chan, Peter   Het Bonsaiboekje ; Veltman Uitgevers B.V. ; 2009.  ISBN-10 9059208099 ; ISBN-13 9789059208094.  208 pp.

ZH      Chen Zhiqi and Chen Zhijiu   Gold Awarded Penjing of the World ; Guangdong Language Audiovisual & Electronic Press; 2007.  328 pp.  Two volumes.  Color illustrations.  Compositions from 39 countries on 5 continents.  

ZH      Cheng, Cheng-Kung   Bonsai Shari SiDiao, Vol. 1 (Manual Si-Daiao (Pines, Junipers)) ; 2004.  Illustrations.  USDA

ZH      Cheng, Cheng-Kung   Bonsai Shari SiDiao, Vol. 2 (Mechanical Si-Daiao (Miscellaneous Plants)) ; 2004.  Illustrations.

           Chesshire, Charles and Ken Norman   The Complete Illustrated Guide to Japanese Gardening and Growing Bonsai: Essential advice, step-by-step techniques and projects, plans, plant listings, and over 1500 photographs and illustrations ; Anness Publishing Ltd.; 2012.  ISBN-10: 0754820912 ; ISBN-13: 978-0754820918.  512 pp.  

VI       Chuong, Viet and Phuc Nguyen   Huong dan che tac non bo ; Nha Xuaat Ban My Thuat; 2005.   84 pp.

VI       Chuong, Viet and Phuc Nguyen   10 cau hoi dap: cham soc va tao dang bonsai ; My Thuat; 2005.   91 pp.

VI       Chuong, Viet and Phuc Nguyen   Thu choi mai ghep, mai bonsai ; Nha Xuaat Ban My Thuat; 2005.   87 pp.a

           Chute, Elizabeth   The Ancient Art of Bonsai,, © 2002.  23 pp.  Seventeen color photos and seven line drawings.

IT       Ciotti, Donatello   Fiori e bonsai di perline ; Fabbri; 2002.  ISBN 8845129543.  96 pp.

            Clark, Ross C.   Native North American Plants for Bonsai ; American Bonsai Society; 2012.  286 pp.  Hundreds of color photos.

           Cody, J.R. (Bill)   The Indices 2004 ; Metairie, LA: Bonsai Clubs International ; 1992, 2001, 2003.  The indexes to Bonsai (BCI), Bonsai Journal (ABS), Bonsai Today, International Bonsai, World Tropical Bonsai Forum, and Bonsai: United Kingdom/Europe from their first issues through 2003.  On computer CD (801 pp.) for either MAC or PC.   USDA

           Coleman, Benjamin John   Origami Bonsai: Create Beautiful Botanical Sculptures From Paper; Tuttle Publishing; 2010.  ISBN-10: 0804841039 ; ISBN-13: 9780804841030.    ASIN: B00ZM2G66I.  111 pp.  "A book with more than 250 color photos, 100 diagrams, 14 projects and an instructional DVD explains origami bonsai -- the art of folding paper flowers and leaves a attaching them to natural branches, creating botanical sculptures."

           Coleman, Benjamin John   Origami Bonsai Kit: Create Beautiful Botanical Sculptures ; Tuttle Publishing, 2013.  ASIN: B00ZM37P6M .  DVD included.

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RU      Coussins, Craig   Bonsais ; Moscow: Publishing Group Grand-Fair Press; 2004.  ISBN 5-8183-0697-6.  Translation of above by T. Novikova.

           Coussins, Craig   Totally bonsai: a guide to the art of shaping, growing, and caring for miniature trees and shrubs ; Toronto: Stoddart; 2001.  ISBN 1-55144-260-4.  Tuttle Publishing; 2001.  ISBN 0804834202.  the practical guide to growing bonsai: a guide to the art of shaping, growing, and caring for miniature trees and shrubs ; London: Quintet Publishing Limited; 2001.  ISBN 1-84092-330-X.  128 pp.  Photographs by Ian Howes.  Preface by Salvatore Liporace.  With a 146-word dedication  "to John Yoshio Naka."  Original cover price: £8.99  USDA  

           Coussins, Craig   The Bonsai School ; Bideford, Devon: D&S Books; 2002.  ISBN 1-856056-82-1.  256 pp.  762 color photos and 37 b&w line drawings.  With contributions by an international community of artists: Robert J. Baran, Gary Field, Gary Marchal, Xiaojian Wang, Kevin Baillie, Joe Day, Shangli Bao, Patrizia Capellaro, John Hanby, Robert Langholm, Valerio Gianotti, Howard and Sylvia Smith, Tony Tickle, Tony and Frank Mihalic, Linsheng Zhang, Lit Van Phan, Koos Le Roux, Jessie Edwards, Michael Persiano, William Valavanis, Salvatore Liporace, Reiner Goebel, Allan Harriman, Felix Rivera, and the Joshua Roth company.  Original cover price £15.99   Possibly the single best work in the field written to-date, simply because of the sheer amount of expertise which was drawn from to present the material.  The format for quality books of the future?

           Coussins, Craig   Bonsai Master Class ; New York: Sterling; 2006.  ISBN 1402735472.  256 pp.  Illustrations.    "For Svetlana, who shows me that life should be like a bonsai: good food, good air, goot water, good care and lots of love."  USDA

           Coussins, Craig   The Handbook of Bonsai ; Devon, England: D&S Books Ltd.; 2007.  ISBN-10: 1-903327-54-7 ; ISBN-13: 978-1-903327-54-8.  240 pp.  Photographs by the author, Bill Jordan, and Trevor and Faye Yerbury.  Drawings by Ian Baillie.  "Material from this book previously appeared in Bonsai for Beginners."  "This book is dedicated to my wife, Svetlana Novikova Coussins, a lover of old Russia, old poets, old writers, old songs, old singers, old artists, old movies and old movers.  She makes me feel younger every day."  Original cover price £9.99

RU      Coussins, Craig   School of bonsai; Grandee Fair; 2006.  ISBN: 5-8183-1007-8.  Translation of above.

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           Creech, Dr. John L.   The Bonsai Saga: How the Bicentennial Collection Came to America ; Washington, D.C.: U.S. National Arboretum ; April 2001.  ISBN 0-9704392-2-9.  48 pp.  With 29 photographs and Japanese inscriptions.  Foreword by Thomas S. Elias.  In Sept. 2012, the National Arboretum posted this book on-line.  USDA

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