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2000 - 2049

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Subject Code:   penjing , viewing stones , bonkei , saikei , indoor , bonsai , hon non bo

JA        Kajiyama, Tomizo   Shohin bonsai wo hajimeyo (Japanese Shohin Bonsai and how to make it) ; Kawaideshobou; 2001.  127 pp.

ZH       Kajiyama, Tomizo   Xiao pin pen zai ru men ; San yue wen hua tu shu shi ye you xian gong si; 2002.  ISBN 9575264533.  Translation of above.

JA        Kasahara, Manabu   Notes on Suiseki ; 2013.   New 09/23/17

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JA       Kawabe Takeo   Bonsai Craftsman (His Soul and Footsteps); Green Age; <2010.  176 pp.  Illustrations.  

            Kawasumi, Masakuni II and Masakuni III   The Secret Techniques of Bonsai, A Guide to Starting, Raising, and Shaping Bonsai ; Tokyo: Kodansha International Ltd.; 2006.  ISBN 4-7700-2943-8.  112 pp.   Approx. 300 photos, thirty in color by Yasuo Saji.  Translated by Kay Yokota.  Original cover price: ¥3,360 / $29.00  USDA

DE       Kawollek, Wolfgang   Bonsai für das Zimmer ; Stuttgart: Ulmer; 2001.  ISBN 3-8001-3574-4.  192 pp.  

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            King, Robert W.   The miniBonsai Kit ; Philadelphia, PA: Running Press; 2001.  ISBN 0-7624-0974-6.  40 pp. very small format.  With a pot, peat pellet, Jack Pine seeds, and a small pair of scissors.  

ES       Kinjo, Jorge   Cuidados Del Bonsai ;  Libsa, Editorial S.A.; 2007.  ISBN-10: 8466210253 ; ISBN-13: 978-8466210256.  160 pp.

JA       Kobayashi, Kenji   Bi no Tsubo (Pot of beauty) ; Nihon hoso shuppan kyokai; 2006.  70 pp.

JA       Kobayashi, Kenji   Bonsai Life ; exknowladge; 2007.  127 pp.

JA       Kobayashi, Kenji   Keshiki bonsai (Japanese scenery Bonsai) ; Nittoshoinhonsya; 2007.  100 pp.

            Kobayashi, Kenji   Keshiki Bonsai: the easy, modern way to create miniature landscapes ; Timber Press; 2012. ISBN-10: 1604693592 ; ISBN-13: 978-1604693591.  176 pp.  Illustrated.  Translation of the above.

JA/E    Kobayashi, Kunio   The World of Bonsai Master Kunio Kobayashi, Vol 1 (Upper Volume) ; Tokyo: Shunka-en Bonsai Museum; 2008.  320 pp.  Illustrations.

JA/E    Kobayashi, Kunio   Bonsai ; Tokyo: PIE International Inc.; 2011.  275 pp.  Art Director Kazuhiko Tajima.  Writer Susuma Kihara.  Photographer Shigenori Ishihara and Hisashi Sakamoto.  Translated by Pamela Miki, Emiko Miyashita, and Michael Dylan Welch.  Six woodblock prints in front pages with Japanese text of History, English translation, Appreciation, Tree Varieties, two pages of monthly table of contents, double page woodblock, then main body with English translationand Japanese poem, J&E text opposite photo of a tree (Jan-9, Feb-9, Mar-10, Apr-11, May-10, Jun-8, Jul-6, Aug-6, Sep-7, Oct-7, Nov-9, Dec-7), the first photo each month being in a tokonoma setting, the remaining photos mostly with either a black or white background, double page woodblock for the section bonsai words, 96 terms in J&E among which are scattered 27 images of bonsai from woodblock prints, another double page woodblock, and then three pages of title material.

           Koenig, Sharolett   The Bonsai KeeperTM ; Hamilton, MI: Koenisha Publications; 2006.  ISBN 0-9759621-6-7.  130 pp.  "A fun and easy, all-in-one organizing system that utilizes journaling and scrapbooking to store information and inspiration.  The sturdy 3-ring binder is adaptable to your method of collecting information, as well as expandable for your growing bonsai collection.  100 journal pages allow you to record information, poetry and other writing.  25 high quality sketch pages help make your ideas a reality.  10 plastic protective pages allow easy access to photos, pressed flowers, pressed leaves, etc.  (Photos can be useful for insurance purposes.)  The zippered clear vinyl pouch stores supplies.  15 waterproof paper plant tags in the shape of a traditional tatefuda garden sign can be written on with ordinary pencil or pen, or the included fine point marker, plus wire for attaching the plant tags to your bonsai.  A handy retractable tape measure keeps track of your bonsai plants' growth."    Original cover price $29.95

DE      Kohlhepp, Wolfgang   Schritt für Schritt zur Bonsaikunst ; Ulmer (Eugen); 2004.  ISBN 3-8001-4622-3.   159 pp.

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FR       Kurakachi, Abe   Les Pins en Bonsaï ; Éditions Volonterio.  244 pp.  Line drawings.  Color photos.

            Kuruvilla, Lyju  The World of Bonsai (Small is Beautiful) ; Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Notion Press; 2017.  ISBN-10: 1946515957 ; ISBN-13: 978-1946515957.  288 pp.   New 09/23/17

            Kwong, Hoy Leong  Ficus Bonsai in the Temperate Climate ; Caringbah, N.S.W.: Bonsai South Nursery, 2007.  190 pp.  Illustrated.

            Kwong, Hoy Leong  Pine Bonsai in the Temperate Climate ; Caringbah, N.S.W.: Bonsai South Nursery, 2010.  125 pp.  Illustrated.

VI       Lan, Ngoc   Ky thuat trong bonsai ; Ho Chi Minh: Nha xuat ban Thanh Pho; 2004.   156 pp.

            Lang, Susan and Editors of Sunset Publications   Sunset Bonsai; Menlo Park, CA: Sunset Publishing Corporation; January 2003.  ISBN-10: 0376030461 ; ISBN-13: 978-0376030467.  128 pp.  244 color photos & 30 color illustrations.  "We gratefully acknowledge Dennis Makishima for demonstrating the techniques in the photo sequences, as well as providing invaluable counsel and reviewing the manuscript.  Thanks also to David DeGroot, Doris Froning, Mas Imazumi, Hideko Metaxas, Yvonne Padilla, Ed Trout, Terry Ward, and Jack Wikle for their assistance and advice."  USDA

ES        Le Page, Rosenn and Alain Barbier   El ABC del bonsái paso a paso (ABC de la jardinería) ; Susaeta Ediciones, S.A.; 2007.  ISBN-10: 8430559248 , ISBN-13: 9788430559244.  206 pp.

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PL       Lewis, Colin   Bonsai ; 2006.  ISBN 83-7184-561-8.  128 pp.

FR       Lewis, Colin   Bonsaï ; Hachette Pratique; 2002.  ISBN-10: 2012366708 ; ISBN-13: 978-2012366701.  128 pp.

            Lewis, Colin   Bonsai Basics -- A Comprehensive Guide to Care and Cultivation ; Hamlyn; 2009.  ISBN-10: 0600619109 ; ISBN-13: 978-0600619109  128 pp.  Pyramid Gardening Paperback

ZH/EN      Li, Ming   China's Rare Stones in New Century ; Shanghai: Shanghai Classics Publishing House ; 2000.  ISBN: 7-5325-2825-1.   New 09/23/17

            Liew, Walter   The Living Art of Bonsai; Waipahu, HI: Island Heritage Publishing; 2007.  148 pp

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            Liporace, Salvatore and Patrizia Cappellaro De Martino   Bonsai, Spirit and Substance (What Color is the Wind?); 2001.  ISBN 88-900520-3-1.  136 pp.  Color illustrations.  Translation of the above by Barbara Rossi.  Edited by Donna Banting with a review by Solita Rosade Trafur.

DE       Liporace, Salvatore and Patrizia Cappellaro De Martino   Bonsai, Geist und Materie (Welche Farbe Hat Der Wind?); 2001.  ISBN 88-900520-2-3.  136 pp.  Color illustrations.  Translation of the above by Silvia Schmith Moruzzi.  Edited by Krista Leack with a review by Pius Notter. 

FR       Liporace, Salvatore and Patrizia Cappellaro De Martino   Bonsai, L'Esprit et la Matiere (De Quelle Couleur Est Le Vent?); 2001.  ISBN 88-900520-3-1.  136 pp.  Color illustrations.  Translation of the above by Elisabeth Arduin.  Edited and with a review by Michel Sacal. 

ES        Liporace, Salvatore and Patrizia Cappellaro De Martino    Bonsai, Espiritu y Esencia (De Que Color Es El Viento?) ; 2001.  ISBN 88-900520-4-X.  136 pp.  Color illustrations.  Translation of the above by MarĂ­a Teresa Del Monte Rubio.  Edited by Solita Rosade Tafur.

ZH        Liu, Daorong   Qishi Shoucang Rumen Baike (Introductory Level Encyclopedia of Stone Collection) ; Changchun: Jilin Publishing Group Co., Ltd.; 2006.  ISBN 978-7-80720-625-5.  287 pp.  88 RMB.

ZH        Liu, Daorong   Qishi Shoucang Rumen Baike (Fantastic Stones: Collection and Introductory Encyclopedia) ; Changchun: Jilin Publishing Group Ltd. ; 2013.  ISBN: 978-7-122-15529-0.  375 pp.   New 09/23/17

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ZH        Liu, Renniao (ed.)   Monumental Collection List of Chinese Ying Stone ; Beijing: Culture and Art Publishing House ; 2006.  ISBN: 5039-3115-9/J.  270 pp.  Cased.  Over 250 excellent stones.   New 09/23/17

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JA / ZH ? Marushima, Hideo and Hu Yun Hua   Chūgoku bonkei no sekai (The World of Chinese Penjing); Tōkyō : Nōson Gyoson Bunka Kyoōkai; 2000.  Three volumes.  USDA

JA       Marushima, Hideo and Shinbō Minami   (The Dragonfly) microcosm of healing bonsai ; Shinchosha; 2003.  ISBN: 4106021099 ; ISBN-13: 978-4106021091.   New 09/23/17

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RU       Masakuni Kawasumi II   Secrets of the bonsai. Guidelines for the cultivation and development of bonsai ; Grand Fair; 2011.  ISBN: 978-5-8183-1740-3.  112 pp.  Translated by T. Novikova

JA        Matsuura, Arishige (ed.)   Important Suiseki and Tools Photobook ; 2000? 

             Matsuura, Arishige   An Introduction to Suiseki ; 2010.  87 pp.  Translated by Wil Lautenschlager.

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             Meislik, Jerry   Ficus, The Exotic Bonsai ; Whitefish, MT: Devonshire Gardens Ltd.; 2004.  144 pp.

             Meislik, Jerry   Introduction To Indoor Bonsai; American Bonsai Society; 2006.  40 pp.

ES        Miguel, Josep Maria and Thierry Font, Alain Arnaud, and François Jeker   Los olivos en bonsai ; Bonsai Mistral: 2001.  104 pp.  In collaboration with the Fédération Française de Bonsai.    

             Mihalic, Frank J.   Bonsai for Kids "Made Easy"; Chardon, OH: Ichiban Production ; 2004.  56 pp.

             Miller, Mary C.   Bonsai with Tropicals, Some Things I Learned Along The Way; Trafford Publishing; 2005.  Catalogue #04-1220.  ISBN 141203393-4.  88 pp.   Original ad. price: $14.95.   Don't let the title fool you: this is about some 35 years of experience creating, teaching and selling bonsai.  Here we have elegantly summarized a lot of useful information which isn't always emphasized -- especially to novices -- and which can be used for all types of trees.

JA        Miyata, Kazuya   Omiya bonsaimura kuronikuru: Nendaiki ; Akaibusushuppan; 2008.  ISBN-10: 4903870405 ; ISBN-13: 9784903870403.

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             Morris, Pat Lucke and Sigrun Wolff Saphire (eds.)   Growing Bonsai Indoors ; Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Botanic Garden; 2008.  ISBN-10: 1-889538-42-6 ;ISBN-13: 978-1-889538-42-6.  120 pp.  Chapters by Pat Lucke Morris, Pauline Muth, Robert Mahler, Julian Velasco, Jerry Meislik, and Jim and Mary Kay Doyle.  Cover price $9.95   USDA

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ZH       Nakamura, Susumu   Pen jing zao xing yi shu ru men: 96 zhong pen jing de ji chu pei yu ji shu ; Taibei Xian Zhonghe Shi: Rui sheng wen hua shi ye gu fen you xian gong si; 2003.  ISBN-10: 9575264681 ; ISBN-13: 9789575264680.  Translation of Hitori de tsukureru zoki bonsai 96 shu.

           Nakamura, Susumu and Ivan Watters and Terry Ann R. Neff   Bonsai: A Patient Art ; New Haven, CT and London: Yale University Press; 2013.  ISBN-10: 0300190905 ; ISBN-13: 978-0300190908.   166 pp.  Illustrated.  Photographs by Tim Priest.  About the Chicago Botanic Garden collection.&

KO     Nam, Chong-nak   Ch'onggang sokpo ; Soul-si: Wolgan Maeksok; 2001.  201 pp.  Illustrations.  USDA

           Nanjo, Ben   Unkon Fu: Soul of Stone ; CA: Golden State Bonsai Federation; 2005.  48 pp.  B&w and color photos & drawings.  Translated and edited by Carl Morimoto.

           Norman, Ken   Practical Bonsai; Southwater; 2003.  ISBN 1-84215-733-7.  96 pp.

           Norman, Ken   The Complete Practical Encyclopedia of Bonsai ; London: Hermes House, an imprint of Anness Publishing Ltd.; 2005, 2006.  ISBN 0-681-18669-0.  256 pp.  Photographs by Neil Sutherland.  "The essential step-by-step guide to creating, growing and displaying bonsai with over 800 photographs."  "This book is dedicated to YOSHI, a lifelong best friend."

NL       Norman, Ken   Bonsai ; Veltman Uitgevers B.V.; 2007.  ISBN-10 9059205618 ; ISBN-13 9789059205611.  256 pp.  Illustrations by Keith Sutherland.  Translated by T. van Schaik.

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