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JA                                Bonsai ; Tokyo : Bonsai Dokokai ; 1916.   New 09/23/17

JA     Abe Rekisai Yoshito  Somoku Sodate-gusa, Jo (Growing Trees and Plants / Cultivation and care of plants, second series); 1837.

         Agarwal, Naresh   Bonsai Tips For Beginners, A Step By Step Guide For Making Bonsai ; <2009.  24 pp.  (Word .doc)

         Cathey, Henry M.   Growing Bonsai ; United States Department of Agriculture; 1977. Home and Garden Bulletin No. 206.  Originally issued August 1973.  Slightly revised Feb. 1977.  21 pp.  Nine b&w photos and six line drawings.  Prepared by author.

         Chute, Elizabeth   The Ancient Art of Bonsai,  © 2002.  23 pp.  Seventeen color photos and seven line drawings.

          Creech, Dr. John L.   The Bonsai Saga: How the Bicentennial Collection Came to America ; Washington, D.C.: U.S. National Arboretum; April 2001.  ISBN 0-9704392-2-9.  48 pp.  With 29 photographs and Japanese inscriptions.  Foreword by Thomas S. Elias.  In Sept. 2012, the National Arboretum posted this book on-line.

          Del Tredici, Peter  "From Temple to Terrace, The Remarkable Journey of the Oldest Bonsai in America" (Jamaica, MA: Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University: Arnoldia 64/2-3, 2006), pp. 2-30+.  This is basically an updated and revised edition of Del Tredici's 1989 Early American Bonsai: The Larz Anderson Collection of the Arnold Arboretum (which itself began as an issue of the Arnoldia.)

FR/E    Doucet, Dominique   The eBook on Bonsai, (link to an archival copy). "©All right reserved MH Concept Graphique June 1998."  The earliest known Internet work on the subject.  Partially translated into English.

          Hanford Bonsai Society  Basic Bonsai Book (Hanford, CA).  Information from Lynn Liggett's Basic Bonsai Student Workbook.   New 11/18/17

          Hemy,  Capel   How to Grow Miniature Trees, Full instructions for practising the ancient art of BONSAI ; Supplement to Farmer's Weekly, Bloemfontein, January 25, 1967.  20 pp.  17 photographs and seven line drawings.

JA     Iwasaki Tsunemasa (aka Iwasaki Kan'en)   Somoku Sodate-gusa (Growing Trees and Plants /Cultivation and care of plants) ; 1818.

JA     Kibe, Hanjirō   Taiten kinen bonsai ippinshū ; 1916.  Two volume exhibition catalog of Kantō Bonsai Taikai held in commemoration of Emperor Taishō's coronation in 1915.

JA     Kinta (ed.)   Somoku Kihin Kagami (A Mirror of Rare Trees) ; 1827.

JA     Kurakawa, Shinzaburō   Seishoō yoroku ; Tokyo ; 1898.   New 09/23/17

          Levin, Michael and  David Babik   Ask Dr. Bonsai, A Care and Maintenance Manual for the Beginning Bonsai Gardener ; Littleton, MA: Bonsai West; 1993.

JA     Matoba, Keinosuke  Ikebana and bonseki ; Shōbundō, 1901.  179 pp.

FR     Maumené, Albert  Les Arbes nains japonais, Leur formation au Japon, Leur utilisation et leur traitement eu Europe ; Paris: Librairie Horticole; 1902.  60 pp.  Sixteen b&w photos.  The earliest known work in a European language entirely on the subject.  Our E-texte edition 2002.

JA     Miyasawa, Bungo  Bonsai, tsuketari hachiue kaki ; Tōkyō: Yokendo; 1922.

          Pauli, Matin   The Japanese View of Nature and the Art of Stone Appreciation ; Angular Momentum of Switzerland, 2010.  63 pp.

          Roffey, Allen C.   The Bonsai Primer ; Dagenham, Essex, U.K.  1995-2005.  Web site is 18 Mb in size; also available as a 250+ Mb CD-ROM.

          Rutledge, Andy   Artistic Foundations of Bonsai Design, Elements of Meaningful Composition ; BTO Journal Publications; 2003.

JA     Sumie, Buzen and Aizan Sumie   Senkeiban Zushiki: naniwa shomeika shuzu ; Kyoto; 1808.  (Images are visible when you sign up for a free membership in the Australian Bonsai Forum.  Right click on the cover image and you should be able to see enlarged images of each page.  This is just the first volume; when the second is posted online we will link to it here also.)

JA     Yamanouchi, Masanori   Bonsai shōkei ; 1907.   New 09/23/17

          Zane, Thomas L.   Intermediate Bonsai, A Course Syllabus ; Daytona Beach, FL: Backyard Bonsai, 1997-2003.  197 pp.  B&w line drawing illustrations by Norman Haddrick.


(As of 12/02/2017.  The following are not yet included in the overall book tallies.)

                                  Bonsai: A beginner's guide ; Bonsai Empire ; Kindle Edition: Updated November 29, 2017.  ASIN: B077Q2LZJF.  8277 KB.  Original August 21, 2014.  ASIN: B00MYJPRJO.  11056 KB.  Sean Coleman (Illustrator), Walter Pall (Photographer).  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

                                  Bonsai Trees: Growing, Trimming, Pruning, and Sculpting as a ZIP .pdf file

                                  Bonsai Trees -- Growing, Trimming, Sculpting & Pruning as a ZIP .pdf file

                                  Bonsai Tree, Total Care Guide ; Planet eStore; Kindle Edition.  ASIN: B002MAPCD6.  122 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

                                  Bonsai Tree Trimming, Sculpting and Pruning ; Kindle Edition.  ASIN: B002TX6Z6O.  61 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

                                  Bonsai Trees ; Bri-Mel Pubs; Kindle Edition.  ASIN: B002UNN89U.  61 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

                                  Growing and Caring For Your Bonsai Tree ; Pink Panda Publishing; Kindle Edition: May 26, 2009.  ASIN: B0032JTWK0.  114 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

                                  Growing Your Own Bonsai Tree ; Kindle Edition: April 9, 2009.  ASIN: B00266OU98.  193 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

                                  How To Keep Your Bonsai From Falling Prey To Insects, Pests & Disease ;; Kindle Edition.  ASIN: B003DTMRVU.  30 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Benson, James L.   BONSAI for Beginners;  Kindle Edition: November 14, 2008.  ASIN: B001L4LTYK.  93 KB.   Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Braschi, Manuel Ortiz   Bonsai Tree: Trimming, Sculpting and Pruning! ; Unique Enterprises; Kindle Edition: March 8, 2010.  ASIN: B003BIGFC0.  80 KB.

          Browns, D.C.   Bonsai Care Secrets -- Easy to Follow, Step by Step Guide for Selecting, Growing and Maintaining Any Bonsai ; Also these two:

          Browns, D.C.   Special Report: Growing Bonsai For Beginners

          Browns, D.C.   Special Report: Growing Bonsai From Seed

          Bullock, Bruce   Bonsai Trees ; Kindle Edition: October 21, 2011.  ASIN: B005YCZCYS.  1085 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Bullock, Bruce   Caring For Your Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree ; Kindle Edition: February 27, 2011.  ASIN: B004PYDISS.  84 KB.

          Bullock, Bruce   Growing African Trees for Bonsai and Garden ; Kindle Edition: September 26, 2011.  ASIN: B0051WR4LA.  376 KB.

          Bullock, Bruce   How To Grow Your Own Bonsai Trees From Seed ; Kindle Edition: March 26, 2011.  ASIN: B004U363MC.  117 KB.

          Bullock, Bruce   How to Start a Bonsai Tree Nursery and Sell on eBay ; Kindle Edition: July 22, 2011.  ASIN: B005E7UDU6.  106 KB.

          Cathey, Henry   Growing Bonsai ; Kindle Edition: August 7, 2010.  ASIN: B003YOSYY8.  196 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.  C. Scott Clark's edition of what was originally Cathey's book (see above).

          Cordic, Vince   Ultimate Bonsai How To Guide - 2012 Edition ; Kindle Edition: October 19, 2012.  ASIN: B009TX69V8.  937 KB.

          Costita, Marian   Bonsai Secrets ; Kindle Edition: December 9, 2010.  ASIN: B004FV5456.  16 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.  NOTE: Cover presented as A Guide to Growing and Caring For Bonsai by H Cathey.

          Covello, Vincent T. and Yoshimura, Yuji   The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation: Suiseki and its Use with Bonsai (Tuttle Classics) ; Tuttle Publishing; Kindle Edition: December 20, 2011.  ASIN: B006T3ITPA.  8127 KB.

DE     Chuang, Xiong    Bonsai Baume Fur Anfanger: wie bonsai baumen wachsen ; Kindle Edition: June 28, 2011.  ASIN: B0058OJ5F4.  71 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          de Villiers, Dawid, PhD   Bonsai Demonstrator's Manual ; Kindle Edition: July 14, 2016.  ASIN: B01IH8Z1IW.  1.3 MB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.   New 09/23/17

          Dutt, Saumya Brata  Complete Guide to Bonsai and its Care ; Kindle Edition: June 4, 2015.  ASIN: B00YWJCJPO   14 pp.  463 KB.

          Earl, Jack   Why You Should Grow Bonsai ; Rinky Dink Press; Kindle Edition: April 24, 2009.  ASIN: B0027IS9I8.  112 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Gardener, Sam, with Toyotaeo Aoshima, Kan Yashiroda, Tomisaku Ugajin, Kay K Omi, Yuji Yoshimura, Jitaro Nagao, Zeko Nakamura, Senkich Kano, Akiko Matsudaira   The Art of Japanese Bonsai Trees - How to Grow and Train Dwarf Trees like a Bonsai Master; ; Kindle Edition: August 9, 2011.  ASIN: B005GR11QE.  1019 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.  Summaries and extractions from the various famous authors' works.

          Gerstle, Manette   Beyond Suiseki: Ancient Viewing Stones of the 21st Century ; Water Stone Press; Kindle Edition: February 7, 2012.  ASIN: B0078X0ZU2.  1682 KB.

          Gumb, Charles   Introduction To Bonsai Plants - The World's Best Kept Tips To Bonsai Tree Growing And Care ; Kindle Edition: June 3, 2011.  ASIN: B0054DF8UK.  97 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

DE     Han, Park   Bonsai Pflege: Plege Anleitung fur Einsteiger ; Kindle Edition: July 10, 2011.  ASIN: B005C5T8FG.  71 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Harrington, Harry   Bonsai4me: Bonsai Basics ; B4Me Publishing; Kindle Edition: February 9, 2013.  ASIN: B00BDVK9OW.  6466 KB.

          Harrington, Harry   Harry Harrington's Bonsai Inspirations ; B4Me Publishing; Kindle Edition: March 14, 2011.  ASIN: B0055T91TM.  14334 KB.  Ninoslav Pirs (Editor).

          Harrington, Harry   Harry Harrington's Bonsai Inspirations 2 ; B4Me Publishing; Kindle Edition: March 15, 2012.  ASIN: B008BUHE0A.  15203 KB.

          Harvey, Louise  Your First Bonsai: A Beginners Guide To Bonsai Growing, Bonsai Care and Understanding The Bonsai ; Kindle Edition: March 13, 2015;  ASIN: B00UPDX4IM.  52 pp.  910 KB.

          Hill-Fountain, Liza   Bonsai Fast Start: Learn The Basics About Bonsai, How To Start, What Tools You Need And Bonsai Care Tips ; Kindle Edition: January 31, 2011.  ASIN: B004LROP68.  25 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Hung, Kunshih (ed.)   Growing Bonsai Trees ; Kindle Edition: May 15, 2011.  ASIN: B00512RTCY.  196 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          James, David  Bonsai Tree Care: Becoming a Master Bonsai Gardener! ; Kindle Edition: February 26, 2014.  ASIN: B00IOSIUFC.  46 pp.  1786 KB.

          Johnson, Andrew   How to Take Care of Your Bonsai: Bonsai Care for Beginners ; Kindle Edition: July 7, 2012.  ASIN: B008IMR708.  514 KB.

          Kauffman, Tom   The Art of Growing Bonsai From Seed ; Kindle Edition: September 24, 2012.  ASIN: B009GARO9A.  515 KB.

          Kissee, Ben   Bonsai Galore ; Kindle Edition: June 17, 2011.  ASIN: B0056QJEGY.  94 KB.

          Lin, Hao Wei    Bonsai Tees, Growing, Trimming, Sculpting, and Pruning ; Kindle Edition: July 20, 2011.  ASIN: B005DSB116.  66 KB.

          Magwood, Randle   How To Grow, Trim, Sculpt, And Prune BONSAI TREES: A Simple And Easy Way To Grow Bonsai Trees In Your Spare Time ; Kindle Edition: June 15, 2009.  ASIN: B002DMKYMC.  86 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Mashburn, Charles   Bonsai From Nursery Plants ; Charles E. Mashburn; Kindle Edition: February 4, 2012.  ASIN: B0075S9BB4.  2956 KB.

          McRay, Martha   Master The Art Of Bonsai Trees ; BT Elite Publishers; Kindle Edition: March 25, 2010.  ASIN: B003E4893O.  140 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Meyer, Joseph   Secrets To Growing A Bonsai Tree ; Penny Books; Kindle Edition: March 8, 2009.  ASIN: B001UV40MC.  166 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Meyers, Richard   Bonsai Trees - The Ultimate "How To" Guide for Beginners; Insider tips on how to grow bonsai from seeds, indoor bonsai rules, choosing bonsai plants, and much more ; Kindle Edition: August 13, 2011.  ASIN: B005HAUVPM.  158 KB.

          Mihalic, Frank    Bonsai for kids ; Kindle Edition: December 28, 2010.  ASIN: B005DEWLWI.  1521 KB.  Toshihiko Ishibashi (Editor), Kimberly Kennedy (Illustrator).

          Miller, Mary C.   Bonsai with Tropicals: Some Things I Learned Along the Way ;  Trafford Publishing; Kindle Edition: March 31, 2005.  ASIN: B000VI71LW.  1866 KB.

          Mills, S. (ed.)    "Bonsai Tree" Trimming, Sculpting and Pruning ; Kindle Edition: December 6, 2008.  ASIN: B001NGPCQC.  66 KB.

          Monroe, John  Grow Bonsai Trees from Seeds: Insider Secrets Revealed on the Bonsai plant, bonsai soil, indoor bonsai, bonsai pots, juniper bonsai & more... ; Kindle Edition.  ASIN: B0073HF6R0.  170 KB.

          Morgan, Paul  Ultimate Guide In Creating Your Very Own Bonsai ; ; Kindle Edition: April 30, 2015.  ASIN: B00WZUN74Y.  46 pp.  445 KB.

          Moriarity, J.  How to Grow Bonsai for Fun or Profit: The Complete Guide to Having Fun or Making Money with Bonsai Trees ; Kindle Edition: January 2, 2015 .  ASIN: B00RQ0Y5XA   66 pp.  2331 KB.

          Murphy, David   Bonsai Tips and Advice ; Kindle Edition: May 22, 2010.  ASIN: B003NNV190.  61 KB.

          Nagano, Yu  Bonsai: An Introduction to Raising Bonsai Trees ; Kindle Edition: June 6, 2015.  ASIN: B00Z416OUK.  26 pp.  1530 KB.  Jim Rutledge (editor).

          Nolan, Dennis  Creating Bonsai: Master Simple Methods by Developing Effective Habits ; Nolan Publishing; Kindle Edition: February 3, 2013.  ASIN: B00BANON36.   882 KB.

          Nolan, Dennis  The Five Habits of Highly Successful Bonsai People ; Nolan Publishing; Kindle Edition: Dec. 31, 2011.  ASIN: B006S0F20O.  243 KB.

          Noto, Leah   Growing Bonsai ; James J. Jones; Kindle Edition: November 6, 2008.  ASIN: B001KC0CGO.  193 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Olsen, Erik A.   Bonsai Gardening Secrets, Insider Secrets to Creating Beautiful Bonsai! ; Also these two:

          Olsen, Erik A.   The Guide to Indoor Bonsai

          Olsen, Erik A.   Your First Bonsai Tree: A Buyer's Guide

          Peng, Jung Hsien   Growing Bonsai, Principles of Bonsai ; Kindle Edition: July 20, 2011.  ASIN: B005DSB24W.  196 KB.

          Power, Troy   The Art of Bonsai - Everything you need to successfully grow and look after your Bonsai ; Kindle Edition: February 12, 2011.  ASIN: B004NIFW4Y.  48 KB.

          Reneé, Teri  Bonsai, The Companion Guide: Tips, Tricks And Resources To Help You Grow Better Bonsai ; Kindle Edition: June 10, 2015.  ASIN: B00ZENGMPA.  99 pp.  665 KB.

IT     Ricchiari, Antonio   L'arte del bonsai ; NOOK Book: December 18, 2010.  ISBN-13: 9788841240113.  12 KB.   New 09/23/17

          Roos, Tony;  The Joy of Bonsai: The Easy Beginner's Guide to an Ancient Art ; Kindle Edition: September 30, 2014.  85 pp.  ASIN: B00O2W8K9U   5019 KB.

          Rothman, Joshua and Pearl, Little   Bonsai Tree Care Bailout: A Beginner's Bonsai Guide (Bonsai Cultivation and Care) ; Little Pearl Publishing; Kindle Edition: April 16, 2012.  ASIN: B007UVBVDM.  7054 KB.  Forword by John Egert.

          Sheilds, Nicah   Bonsai Trees: Growing, Trimming, Sculpting and Pruning ; Kindle Edition.  ASIN: B001Q9ESMK.  61 KB.  Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited.

          Taylor, Christine   Help! Someone Just Gave Me A Bonsai Tree! The 7 Simple Steps To Keeping Your New Bonsai Tree Alive & Well (Bonsai For Beginners) ; Kindle Edition: June 13, 2012.  ASIN: B008BFXQFM.  212 KB.

          Thomas, Paul   Bonsai Success Guide ; 2011.  Over 150 pp.  Over 50 illus.   New 09/23/17

          Winchester, Daniel   Bonsai Tree Fast-start Guide; Learn the "little-known" tips and tricks from the bonzai [sic] tree masters. Grow Ficus Bonsai, Juniper Bonsai, Bonsai Plants, and Japanese Bonsai at Home... Starting Today! ; Kindle Edition: September 21, 2011.  ASIN: B005OO1V8W.  85 KB.

          Yoshimura, Yuji and Halford, Giovanna M.   The Art of Bonsai: Creation, Care and Enjoyment ; Tuttle Publishing; Kindle Edition: July 9, 2012.  ASIN: B008EM8EF4.  27269 KB.

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