Division      Magnoliophyta Cronquist (1996)
----Subdivision      Magnoliophytina Frohne & U. Jensen ex Reveal (1996)
--------Class      Rosopsida Batsch (1788)
------------Subclass      Caryophyllidae Takht. (1967)
---------------Superorder     Caryophyllanae Takht. (1967)
-------------------Order      Caryophyllales Perleb (1826)
----------------------Family      Didiereaceae Drake (1903)
--------------------------Subfamily     Didiereoideae Appleq. & R.S.Wallace (2003)
-----------------------------Genus         Alluaudia (Drake) Drake
--------------------------------Species      ascendens Drake (1903)       aka Didierea ascendens Drake (1901)
--------------------------------Species      comosa Drake (1903)       aka Didierea comosa Drake (1901)
--------------------------------Species      dumosa Drake (1903)       aka Didierea dumosa Drake (1901)
--------------------------------Species      humbertii Choux (1934)      aka Alluaudia decaryi (1954)
--------------------------------Species      montagnacii Rauh (1961)
--------------------------------Species      procera Drake (1903)      Madagascar Ocotillo / Arbre Pieuvre (Fr), aka Didierea procera Drake (1901)
-----------------------------Genus         Alluaudiopsis Humbert & Choux
--------------------------------Species      fiherenensis Humbert et Choux (1934)
--------------------------------Species      marnieriana Rauh (1961)
-----------------------------Genus         Decarya Choux, orth. var.
--------------------------------Species      madagascariensis Choux (1934)       Zigzag Tree, aka Alluaudia geayi Choux (1929)
-----------------------------Genus        Didierea Baill.
--------------------------------Species      madagascariensis Baill. (1880)       Octopus Tree, aka Didierea mirabilis
--------------------------------Species      trollii Capuron et Rauh (1961)       Octopus Tree, aka Didierea arachnoides
--------------------------Subfamily     Calyptrothecoideae Pax & Gilg (1897)
-----------------------------Genus         Calyptrotheca Gilg
--------------------------------Species      somalensis Gilg (1897)    aka Talinum rivae Chiovenda (1915)
--------------------------------Species      taitense (Pax & Vatke) Brenan (1949)    aka Talinum taitense Pax & Vatke (1893) or Calyptrotheca stuhlmannii Gilg (1903)
--------------------------Subfamily     Portulacarioideae Appleq. & R.S.Wallace (2003)
-----------------------------Genus         Ceraria H. Pearson & Stephens
--------------------------------Species      fruticulosa H.Pearson & Stephens (1912)       aka Ceraria schaeferi Engler & Schlechter (1915)
--------------------------------Species      longipedunculata Merxm. & Podlech (1961)
--------------------------------Species      namaquensis (Sond.) H.Pearson & Stephens      aka Portulacaria namaquensis (Sond.) or Ceraria gariepina H.Pearson & Stephens
--------------------------------Species      pygmaea (Pillans) G.D.Rowley (1996)      aka Portulacaria pygmaea Pillans
-----------------------------Genus         Portulacaria
--------------------------------Species      afra Jacq. (1787)      Elephant's Food / Dwarf Jade / Spekboom, aka Crassula portulacaria L.
--------------------------------Species      armiana E.J. van Jaarsveld (1984)       Namaqua Porkbush, aka Ceraria namaquensis


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