Important Bonsai Links and Pages

       The most important organizations worldwide currently include the following:

American Bonsai Society (ABS), ;
Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs Ltd. (AABC), ;
Bonsai Clubs International (BCI), ;
European Bonsai Association (EBA), ;
Federation of British Bonsai Societies (FoBBS), ;
Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF), ;
Indian Bonsai Association, ;
Indonesian Bonsai Society (PPBI), ;
Korean Bonsai Growers Cooperative, ;
National Bonsai Foundation (NBF), ;
Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe, ;
North American Bonsai Federation (NABF), ;
South African Bonsai Association (SABA), ;
World Bonsai Friendship Federation (WBFF), .

       Other important sources of information include the following:

BonsaiEmpire, ;
BonsaiFarm, ;
Bonsai Focus, ;
Bonsai Mirai, ;
The International Bonsai Arboretum, ;
Man Lung Penjing, ;
Viewing Stone Association of North America (VSANA), .

     Anyone who knows of additional important links is asked to please contact
Contributor acknowledgment will be posted.  Please include as many details as possible.  Thank you!

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