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      The following is a list of known English language bonsai references. 
      Primary source Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (Vol. 1+, 1900- ).  Bonsai-specific periodicals are not listed in this section.  "P" before an entry indicates an article having only a passing mention of dwarf trees.  For historical significance, the following are listed in chronological order:

     Cavanaugh, James O.  "Tailor-Made Trees," Better Homes & Gardens, July 1946, pg. 88.  Two b&w photos.

                  "Japanese Miniature Trees," Life, October 7, 1946, pp. 87+.  Fourteen b&w photos on three pages.  About Keibun Tanaka's extensive collection in suburban Tokyo.

                  "Window-Box Trees," Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, QLD, Australia), November 15, 1947, pg. 10.  Two paragraphs about Lee Nelson in San Diego, CA.

     Huttenlocher, Fae  "How to make a Ming tree," Better Homes & Gardens, September 1948, pp. 30, 33, 34.  Ten b&w photos and three line drawings.

                  "Stunt man," The American Magazine, Vol. CL, No. 3, September, 1950, pg. 54.  In "Interesting People" section, with one b&w photo.  About Chiyokichi Takahashi.   ["A Tribute to My Father" by Grace Suzuki (Bonsai Journal, American Bonsai Society, Vol. 9, No. 3, Fall 1975, pg. 66) provides additional information about and another photograph of this widely known and respected grower.]

               "Century-Old Tree is Souvenir," The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, QLD, Australia), May 23, 1951, pg. 3.  One b&w photo and six paragraphs, initially about a medium-sized pine tree purchased in Japan for 7/ and arriving the day before on board a New Zealand frigate returning from Korean waters.

                  "Living Sculpture in Miniature," House Beautiful, May 1952, pp. 266, 268.  Ten b&w photos.

     Gordon, Isobel  "Japanese Miniature Gardens,"  Hobbies -- The Magazine for Collectors, June 1952, pg. 147.  Three paragraphs about Bon-Kei and dwarf trees.

                  "How to make a Ming Tree," The American Home, March 1954, pg. 143.  Three b&w photos and four line drawings.  "Data: A. LaVielle Lawbaugh"

     Corey, Paul  "How to Grow 'Dwarf Trees'," The American Home, Vol. LII, No. 4, September 1954, pp. 52-53.  With nine b&w photos. On the magazine's masthead is the logo "Serving Over 3,000,000 Homemakers Every Month."

                  "In Miniature... Forest trees in a flower pot.  Bonsai, the dwarfing of trees is an ancient Japanese art which is an absorbing hobby," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), May 11, 1955, pp. 49.  Two color photos.

                  "Bonsai in Brooklyn," Life, May 23, 1955, pp. 84+.  Nine b&w photos on three pages.  Two paragraphs of text, one about Kan Yashiroda and his Brooklyn Botanic Garden class, the other a summary of plant training, along with photo captions.

                  "An introduction to bonsai...," Sunset, March 1956, pp. 244+.  Five b&w photos and two line drawings on four pages.  Sunset's first article on the subject, brief but sufficiently detailed care and training instructions.

                  "Dwarf Trees," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), May 29, 1957, pg. 51.  Fourteen paragraphs.  Two color photos: one of a Cedrus Atlantica belonging to Mr. V. Koreschoff, of Sydney, and the other of a Pomegranate belonging to Mrs. R. A. Schuchard, of Kew, Victoria.

     Kemmerer, Jack B.  "Little Oaks from Big Acorns," American Forests, April 1959, pp. 38-39, 46-47.  Ten b&w photos, including one of Jack Catlin, originator of the Catlin elm.

     Kemmerer, Jack B.  "Toothpick Forest," Popular Mechanics, August 1959, pp. 162-164.  Twelve illustrations.  A "thumbnail" guide on how to get started with bonsai.

P               "Ladies do Good," Times of London, January 4, 1960, pg. 13.  "From a Correspondent in New York."  (As a citation in the Oxford English Dictionary.)

                  "How to grow your own Bonsai," Better Homes & Gardens, November 1960, pp. 48, 86.  First page has large color photograph of a smiling Frank Nagata standing behind a pink flowered 90-year old Satsuki azalea in a dark blue scallop-edged pot.  Four other compositions are also seen.  "Photograph: de Gennaro.  Produced by Fleeta Brownell Woodrow."  On right half of page 86 are four b&w photos with text of Frank trimming, wiring and potting a pine.  "Photographs and data: Karel Bauer."   [Per a biography in American Bonsai Society's Bonsai Journal, Fall 1974, Vol. 8, No. 3, pg. 59, this is the article which started Arch Hawkins of Dallas, TX into the art.  When he died in 1995 he was the Journal's editor.]

                  "Your own bonsai tree for 8/-," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), April 18, 1962, pg. 10.  Two color photos.  Making artificial trees, but more realistic than described in U.S. articles.

     Peter, John ("Produced by")  "Bonsai Trees," Look, August 28, 1962, pg. 90a.  Six b&w photos by Richard Rutledge.  One paragraph of text.

                  "Tiny Trees," New Yorker, January 12, 1963, pp. 22-24.  In the "The Talk of the Town" section.  About the BBG classes.

               "Weather Cuts R.H.S. Show Exhibits," Times of London, February 6, 1963.  "From Our Horticultural Correspondent."  (As a citation in the Oxford English Dictionary.)

     Roche, Mary Alice  "Do-It-Yourself Bonsai," The American Home, May 1963, pp. 94, 96.  Five b&w photos.

                  "The Charm and the Art of Bonsai," The American Home, November 1964, pp. 96, 98.  Fifteen b&w photos: seven of BBG trees and eight of step-by-step with Ken Sugimoto.

     Yoshimura, Yuji  "The Meaning of Bonsai," Horticulture, December 1964, pg. 16+.  Five pages with six b&w photos.

     Macoboy, Stirling  "Bonsai, The Japanese art of training trees in miniature is at last coming of age in Australia," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), February 17, 1965, eight page special.  Five b&w and twelve color photos by author, and color cover photo by Bruce Cullen.

     Willse, James P.  "Bonsai, or Miniature Trees, Become a Fad: Fans Grow Their Own or Pay Up to $3,000," Wall Street Journal, January 4, 1966, pg. 9.

     Heaver, Alf  "Bonsai Made Easy," Your Garden (Australia), September 1966, pp. 3, 18-19, 21.  With ten color and nine b&w photos.

     Busch, Noel F.  "The Lilliputian World of the Bonsai," Reader's Digest, September 1967, pp. 182-188.  Four color photos.  About Kyuzo Murata

               "Wisteria... graceful racemes of beauty, the flowing banners of spring," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), November 29, 1967, pg. 26.  Four color photos, one of which has this caption: "SHOWER of delicate pink bloom... a wisteria grown as a bonsai by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davis, of Cammeray, N.S.W."

                  "Native Bonsai ...in a hurry," Your Garden (Australia), June 1969, pg. 9.  Two b&w photos.

     Smith, Jacqueline  "Bonsai enthusiasts captivated by That Slow, Slow Art From Asia," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), June 4, 1969, pp. 27, 29.  Six color photos.  About the Koreshoff family.

     Koreshoff, Dot and Vita  "The miniature world of Bonsai... a new guide to the ancient art," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), February 11, 1970, pp. 109-112.  Five color photos.

     O'Connell, Jean  "The Art of Bonsai," Science Digest, March 1970, pp. 34-38.  Four b&w photos.

                  "At Home... with Margaret Sydney," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), March 18, 1970, pp. 58.

                  "Old Juniper," New Yorker, November 7, 1970, pp. 37-39.  In "The Talk of the Town" section, about the arrival of 'Fudo' to the BBG.

     Long, Charles R.  "An Informal History of Bonsai," Arnoldia, 1971, 31:261-273.  With six illustrations.   

     Riddell, Sarah  "The Mighty Oak in Miniature," New York, March 6, 1972, pp. 52.  One b&w photo of Frank Okamura of BBG by Norman McGrath.

     Vining, Donald M.  "A Visit With Zeko Nakamura and his trees," Horticulture, July 1972, pp. 32-35.  Two b&w photos.

     Stewart, I.M.  "You'll never get rich, growing bonsai trees in orange skins," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), October 31, 1973, pg. 49.  A Reader's Story.

     Vining, Donald M.  "The Serene Art of Bonsai," Horticulture, September 1975, pp. 56-59.   Bonsai by Andrew Lenz.  Photographed by Thomas C. Ballantyne.

     Chalmers, Gillian  "Saikei, making a living landscape," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), October 27, 1976, pp. 73-74.  Nine color photos by Neville Waller.  Step-by-step demonstration from Toshio Kawamoto's recent visit to Australia with Tom Yamamoto.

     Orans, Muriel  "you can have BONSAI INDOORS," Flower and Garden, January 1977, pp. 49, 54.

     Pardo, Richard  "Our National Bonsai Collection," American Forests, Vol. 83, No. 12, December 1977, pp. 14-17, 48-49.  Seven color photos by the author.  Color cover photograph, of a 150 yr old Satsuki azalea, also by author.

                  "Bonsai, Growing Tiny Trees," National Geographic World, February 1978, Vol. 30, pp. 10-12.  Two color photos and three illustrations.  An introduction for children.

                  "The experts' way to care for bonsai," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), March 4, 1981, pp. 36-39.  Four b&w and twelve color photos.

     Hall, Therese  "Cultivating tiny trees that are big on style," The Australian Women's Weekly (Australia), November 4, 1981, pg. 11.  B&w photo plus six small paragraphs about Leonard Webber.

                  "Training Trees to Grow Small," Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, March/April 1983, pp. 119-122.  One color photo by Ron Johnson/Imageworks.  Much info from the perspective of the Denver Bonsai Club.

     Smith, Helen Matthews  "A Different Kind of Surgeon," MD, April 1985, pp. 65-70.  B&w photos and line drawings.  In the "Doctor After Hours" column, about Dr. David L. Andrews.

     Richman, Andrew  "The Tiny Bonsai Trees of Montreal Are the Best in the West -- And That's Certainly Not Going Out On A Limb," People Weekly, April 22, 1985, pp. 85-86.  Two whimsical b&w illustrations by Arnold Roth.

     Davis, Rosalie H.  "A Gift From the East," Horticulture, August 1987, pp. 48-53.  Six b&w illustrations by Ray Maher.  About Wu Yee-sun and his gift penjing to the Montreal Botanical Garden.

     Maine, Michael L.  "Khan & Kay Komai," Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living, Spring 1989, pp. 58-62.  Twenty-four color photos by Tommy Miyasaki.

                  "Hands-On Training, A Wee Tree Grows in Brooklyn," New York Magazine, Aug. 14, 1989, pg. 54.

     Tanner, Ogden  "Bonsai: a way of looking at trees with different eyes," Smithsonian, October 1989, pp. 138-153.  Seventeen color photos.

     Ward, Bernie  "Perfect Proportions," SKY Magazine of Delta Airlines, December 1992, pp. 28-36.  Eight color photos by Peter L. Bloomer, and one each from U.S. National Arboretum Penjing Collection and Pacific Rim Collection/Weyerhaeuser.

                  "Showing Restraint, A backyard garden integrates the ancient Oriental art of bonsai," Country Living Gardener, Vol. 4, No. 3, May/June 1996, pp. 36-43.  Fourteen color photos by Paul Kopelow.  About the collection and yard of Michael Persiano and his wife, Sarah.

* * * * *

     May, Lee  "Growing A Passion In Nature," Better Homes and Gardens, January 2006, pp. 60, 63-66, 68.  Fourteen color photos by Matthew Benson.  About Waldo Hutchins III in NY who studied at BBG under Yuji Yoshimura in the 1980s and who states that the Smithsonian article (above) was a source of inspiration.

     Lambert, Emily with Kiyoe Minami  "Bonsai!," Forbes, February 13, 2006.  Twelve paragraphs about bonsai in Japan, America, and Europe.

     Bianchi, Melanie  "Taking Shape: Bonsai is Big at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville," Carolina Home & Garden, Fall 2010.  Six paragraph interview with Arthur Joura.

     Stewart, Martha  "Nature in Miniature," Martha Stewart Living, September 2012, pp. 17-20.  Ten color photos by Ngoc Minh Ngo and Frédéric Lagrange.

     Kohler, Kevin J.  "Transforming Trees: Breathtaking Bonsai," What's Up? Magazine, December 7, 2012.  Nine color photos.

                  "Bonsai's history is revealed," Progress Leader, (http://leader.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx, Camberwell, Kew location), Jan 22, 2013, pg. 15.  Photo by Derrick Den Hollander.  Five paragraphs about Lindsay Farr with mention of RJB, and a screaming typo at the end of the article (compare with http://www.phoenixbonsai.com/1900Refs/Argus1903.html).

     Backhouse, Megan  "Tiny roots deep in history," The Age, January 26, 2013.  Two color photos by Eddie Jim.  Seventeen paragraphs about Lindsay Farr.

     Swift, Christy  "Local 'Lady' is queen of Bonsai," Highlands Today, an edition of the Tampa Tribune, May 8, 2013.  Nineteen short paragraphs about "Buttonwood Queen" Mary Madison.

Obviously this list is nowhere near complete.  Anyone who knows of additional citations to bonsai is asked to please contact rjb@magiminiland.org.  Contributor acknowledgment will be posted.  Please include as many details as possible.  Thank-you!

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