In late March 1978 during a weekend-long self-improvement seminar RJB attended, we had to do a workshop with clay.  We were each given a lump of grayish-white modeling clay and instructed to make something that represented us individually.  After a couple of moments of thought, I started fashioning a small pyramid with arms and legs extending out from the sides of the base.  A stylized flame extended out from the slightly flattened apex.  "Pyramid Dancer" was thus born: my spirit had ancient and esoteric roots but I could still extend, dance, reach out to educate.

The image of a protective pyramid, of sorts, had been on my mind for at least two years prior to this.  Subsequent researches led me in 1979 to learn about the Shaanxi province pyramids in China, four-sided and flat-topped.  Other researches would touch upon the Egyptian, Mesoamerican, and Martian structures.  In the spring of 1979 I also happened to take a class in Sacred Dance, while caring for my cat, Dance, who had not been named by me.

In late April 1997 while trying to decide what name to call my self-publishing company whose initial book would be Designing Dwarfs in the Desert, up through the first thirty-five years of the Phoenix Bonsai Society, I recalled my alter-ego and so christened the business.

In late May 1998, I stayed briefly at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas where -- yes -- I did dance.  (I danced anew there with my new/last/best wife in mid-April 2007.)

And, despite my several moves over the years, I still have managed to keep the original clay 2-1/2"L x 2-3/4"W x 1-5/8"H (6.35cm L x 7cm W x 4.13cm H) pyramid with its 1-3/8"H (3.49cm H) flame and pieces of one 2-3/4"L (6.98cm L) limb.

The best/most comprehensive book I've found so far about the Egyptian pyramids is Pyramid Quest: Secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Dawn of Civilization by Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., and Robert Acquinas McNally (New York: Penguin Group; 2005).

And the DancingPyramid.gif?   A serendipitous little feature of the original Netscape software I used to construct this website wayback when...

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