We make no claim as to the factual authenticity of this material
or the mutual acknowledgement/existence of these frames of reference.
These are listed to provide seeds for further thought and research.
(And what other areas of our beliefs/knowledge can/will be also tipped?)

Health Promotion


How It All Might Be

Some Notable Metaphysical Channels

Good News Today

One World and and

What Is It You're Not Saying?

Modern Day Cave Art

A Little More Good News and

10 Billion Acres Project



Earthing -- Being Grounded

Nutrition Trial, Part I

Nutrition Trial, Part II

Vitamin D and Disease

Vitamin C Prevents Heart and Blood Vessel Disease

Wisdom of the Body

The 5 Most Repeated Health Myths

How to Win an Argument with a Nutritionist

Science and Fraud

The Medical Racket

Number Needed to Treat

Forms of Animal Reproductive Sexuality

A Little About Life on the Other 79% of the World

Dirt Is Good

CO2 : Variable and Good

Lack of Evidence for Flu Vaccines

Magic trick: Promoting diseases that don't exist



Unscientific Hockey Stick

Global Control and Other Farces



Of Flash Frozen Mammoths and Cosmic Catastrophes

Persons from Portugal in the Americas Before the English

Iceless Antarctica?

Recent Warm Greenland

Early Visitors to America

Bering Sea Land Bridge Myth

Lies and Reality

Titanic -- Secrets Coming Out

9/11 -- Peer-Reviewed 911 Articles

9/11 -- Secrets Coming Out

The Captain Cook Conspiracy

The Revision of Ancient History

Alternative Histories
; ; ;



Where Might Oil Really Come From?

Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas

Growing Earth and Other Bodies

An Alternative to Plate and Expansion Tectonics

Biological Transmutation



Stars Are Not Formed the Way We've Been Taught

Are We Actually in a Binary System?

Black Holes are Only Mathematical

Plasma Cosmology

Electric Universe

Electric Universe



Shade Tree Physics

Better Use of Energy

Alcohol, Not Oil

The 10 Dogmas of Science

12 Real Documents That Treat UFOs Very Seriously



Peer-Reviewed Journal Psi Research

Seth on the Origins of the Universe and of the Species

The Holographic Universe



Real Sharing Economy is Booming

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