"Phila Korea '94"
(Single stamp, issued August 16, 1994)

Per Scott 2011 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue (Vol. 3, pg. 300).  This is a bit of an honorable mention because the stamp itself does not have bonsai.  The frame around the stamp which makes up this souvenir sheet has the bonsai: the central Pekinese dog of the stamp is seen flanked by a pair of light-blue glazed-shallow-dish compositions just slightly taller than the dog.  The left-hand bonsai is a four-tree forest among greyish stones; the right-hand one is a possibly wind-swept with exposed roots and root-over-rock.  Both reflect the wilderness vistas seen behind the dog and trees behind the two tall red pillars which form somewhat a backdrop for the trees.  (A link for this stamp was sent to RJB from Matteo Grassi, 5 Jan 2011.)


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