(Set of 4, 2003)

Images and description courtesy of Alejandro Bedini G., Académico Depto de Industrias UTFSM in e-mails to RJB, 04/08/04 and 04/12/04.
The stamps come in a plastic sleeve that protects them. The front opens from the center like a large carved Chinese folding door looking out to a garden.
The lower center flap pulls down to reveal a cardstock pop-up of a large fukien tea Bonsai on a stand.
Also, images about twice as large as below can be found on pp. 15-16 of Nichin Bonsai magazine, Issue 3-2003.

Hong Kong $1.40 Bonsai Stamp
Hong Kong $2.40 Bonsai Stamp
 $1.40    Fukien tea ( Carmona ) semi-cascade by Mr.Wong Kee-mein.
$2.40     Hedge Sageretia ( Sageretia theezans ) informal upright by Mr. Lau Yiu-fai. This tree has won many awards.

Hong Kong $3.00 Bonsai Stamp
Hong Kong $5.00 Bonsai Stamp
 $3.00    Fire-thorn ( Pyracantha ) cascade by Mr. Wu Lik-man. This tree also has won many awards.
$5.00     Chinese Hackberry ( Celtis ) root on rock by Mr.Wong Kee-mein


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