"Bonsai '99 San Marino Bonsai Exhibition"
(Set of four, issued March 27, 1999)

Four native trees highlighting the beauty and versatility of the art of bonsai in Italy.

Per Bonsai Magazine, BCI, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 6, November/December 1999, pg. 5.  Three images from Antonio González Álvarez's "Sellos de Bonsai, Bonsai Postage Stamps" site,

L 50  (.03 euros)    Pinus mugo
L 300  (.15 euros)   Olea europa 

L 350  (.18 euros)   Pinus silvestris.
Per The Bonsai School by Craig Coussins, pg. 156, the model for this was a mountain juniper [sic] collected and styled by Valerio Gianotti. 
L 500  (.26 euros)    Quercus suber 
(Image from Linn's Stamp News, April 12, 1999 issue on line at  Slightly enlarged compared to the other images on this page.)

"XX Convention of the European Bonsai Association"
(Set of two, issued April 16, 2004)

Per Lorenzo Sonzini in e-mails to RJB, 04/16/04 and 04/21/04.

0,45 euros    Black pine ( Pinus thumbergii ) styled by Kunjo Kobayashi - prize winner "Kokufu Sho" 0,60 euros    Mugo pine ( Pinus mugo ) styled by Pius Notter - prize winner "JAL World Bonsai Contest 2000"

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