(Set of eight, issued June 16, 1986)

Per Scott 2003 Standard Postage Stamp Catalog (Vol. 6, pg. 852).  Note that the depictions are paintings rather than photographs which we usually are shown.
Images courtesy of Marc Zimmerman in e-mail to RJB, 01/22/03.

1d, Ficus glomerata
1d, Ficus benjamina
2d, Ulmus tonkinensis
3d, Persica vulgaris

3d, Streblus asper
5d, Pinus khasya
5d, Podocarpus macrophyllus

Souvenir Sheet, 10d, Serissa foetida



"Vietnamese Bonsai"
(Set of seven, issued Feb. 3, 1998)

(Per Linn's Stamp News, July 13, 1998 issue, on line at, which has the Barringtonia stamp at 400d.  Per Scott 1999 Standard Postage Stamp Catalog (Vol. 6, pg. 712) and subsequent years, the value is 4,000d.   Images are from "The Wonderland of Vietnamese Stamps_98,", which also captions that particular stamp as 400d even though the image clearly shows a 4,000d value.)

400d, Limonia acidissima
400d, Deeringia polysperma
400d, Pinus merkusii
4,000d, Barringtonia acutangula
6,000d, Ficus elastica
10,000d, Wrightia religiosa

14,000d, Adenium obesum 
Souvenir sheet which contains one 43 x 32 mm stamp.

(Set of four, issued July 1, 2004)

Images courtesy of Lorenzo Sonzini in e-mail to RJB, 12/29/04, and slightly better images from Marc Zimmerman, 10/27/05.  Per Scott 2006 Standard Postage Stamp Catalog (Vol. 6, pg. 958).
Corrected issue date per Roger Cichorz in e-mail to RJB, 06/07/07.

800d, Ficus microcarpa
2,000d, Premna serratifolia 3,000d, Ficus pilosa
8,000d, Ficus religiosa

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